Eco Friendly Washing Machines

Washing machine is now considered as an absolute necessity in modern homes. It is yet another invention that helped to save manpower in the household chores. Labour intensive washing methods adopted traditionally are found unviable due to shortage of workforce and exorbitant cost of labour. Introduction of washing machine could render effective solution to many of the washing problems in the modern life. However some of the emerging issues are worrisome. Water and energy crises are global concerns in the contemporary world. Abundant supply of both water and energy is required for operating washing machines.

Evolving technology could develop energy efficient machines rendering considerable relief to the energy starving world. Even then availability of potable or good quality water for washing purpose is scarce. Environmentalists are warning that humanity will have to pay heavy price in the near future if per capita consumption of water is not brought down from the present level. senator wss steam Indiscriminate use of washing machines will cause wastage of water which is a precious commodity. Industrial leaders are now working overtime to find a solution to this problem. Up grading the technology in this context found priority in their agenda. Washing machines with reduced consumption of water is being developed. But whether there can be substantial saving of water is to be scrutinized carefully. According to some experts, consumption of water by modern washing machines is considerably less than the older models.

When this perplexing problem was causing concern to manufactures, consumers and environmentalists, scientists of the University Of Leeds, UK have developed a technology which uses less than two per cent of water and energy of a conventional washing machine. According to reports plastic chips are used to remove dirt and stains from clothes. Energy consumption will also be minimal as there is no need of a dryer. It is almost a dry process. Xeros, a commercial arm of the University has successfully completed the trial run of the new washing machine. Once the new machines come out of the factory it will revolutionize the very concept of washing clothes. The environment conscious British society hails this achievement of the scientists. No doubt, world is looking forward for this unique achievement.

Many leading manufacturers of washing machines may take cue from the UK experiment. As the polymer chips will absorb dirt from the clothes, use of chemical detergents can be avoided. This is yet another benefit for the environment. Chemical contamination of ground water can be reduced to a certain extent if washing process is done without chemical detergents. At a time when the use of washing machines has increased by 23 per cent in the past decade, it is a matter of great relief for the people of United Kingdom that a solution to this environmental issue is in sight. Till the new venture takes concrete shape, consumers have to depend on machines which are economic in water consumption. Many of the modern products are designed to conserve water and energy. Consumers have to visit the exclusive websites devoted to washing machines to gather information about latest developments.

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